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Spreading our mission on The Ted Show Live

Today, our Founder, Suzanne Oliver joined forces with Ted Bogert on The Ted Show Live.  In this quick 37 minute interview, Suzanne discusses how her military experiences shaped her, Veterans, coaching tips, how to use NLP to help better yourself and your business and so much more.

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Show Description:

Suzanne Oliver has a very unique and empowering history. Her company, Heart of a Fighter, is about giving back to those who have given bravely and selflessly to their country and fellow man. It is Deployment to Employment leveraging Veterans skills into a Civilian workplace.

Started by Suzanne Oliver, a veteran herself, Suzanne attributes having overcome great challenge throughout her life by tapping into the Heart of a Fighter each and every time she has been faced with a personal battle.

Suzanne is no stranger to facing fear, and overcoming great obstacles to blaze a path. In a Time magazine article in 1979 titled, “Women in non-traditional roles” Suzanne was highlighted for becoming one the first female flight crew in the military.

When she entered the military in 1976, she knew she was signing up for something that would test her but she had no idea what would be in store. First was the uphill battle of being the only female in the squadron and wanting to become the first female flight crew. The guys were not all that thrilled about her being there and she was tested time and again. She overcame that and in 1977 she became a qualified aviation mechanic and was pinned with gold wings of Naval Aviation Flight Crew.

A short time later, Suzanne met the love of her life and she felt like she was on top of the world, her challenges behind her. Just 2 years later though she would be tested in a way she never imagined. She lost the love of her life in a helicopter crash. Feeling like only time would heal her, Suzanne carried on.

Time did go by and several years later met the man she would marry. A year after being married, they had a child on the way and 5 months into the pregnancy, the unthinkable happened. Her husband passed away and Suzanne was left with figuring out once again how she was going to survive as a single mother. This time though she knew she could not grieve, she could not fall apart; she could not play the victim. She had a child on the way. That was when she says she really forged the Heart of a Fighter.

The emotional roller coaster she had been on was stopping there. She tapped into her Heart of a Fighter and did what she had to do to take care of herself and her unborn child.

She entered the work force and used all the skills she had learned in the military to rise to the top at her position and soon was making more than enough money to support herself and her daughter. After 30 years in Sales she is now giving back.

Today, Suzanne proudly stands with her head high, grateful for the experiences that her military training has brought her. She has been able to take the challenges of her past and use them to enjoy a life of joy instead of the pain. Suzanne is committed to helping others who have been through life’s challenges to do the same. She works everyday to give opportunities to Women Veterans who are facing the same challenge of transition to civilian life or just to live a life where they are not simply surviving, but thriving.

Suzanne is a Certified Life & Business Coach, Graduate of Anthony Robins Leadership Academy, and Steve Linder Strategic Brain Graduate of Neuro Strategies and A Master NLP Practitioner and Neurostrategist. Read more about Suzanne on her bio.

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