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From Deployment to Employment: A Veterans Day Fundraiser

From Deployment to Employment: A Veterans Day Fundraiser

129 W Church St, Orlando, FL 32801
09 Nov 2017 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM

Our mission and vision

With a dream and a vision Heart of a Fighter was started in 2013 with a clear mission to support Women Veterans in Transition. As things cooled down and we were not transitioning at a high rate we realized that a much higher need would be getting our Military Heroes Hired.  The mission at Heart of a Fighter then transitioned as well to support all Veterans.

It takes a team effort to accomplish our mission; employers are looking to hire veterans! Heart of a Fighter has the connections to support veterans to utilize their real life experience into a lucrative career. Most veterans have leadership qualities that translate into Project Management; our mission is to tap into that skill set.

Job Training

Job Training

We connect you with employment opportunities in manufacturing and technical careers nationwide

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What we do for you

What we do is simple: Support veterans with utilizing their current skills and find employment in a civilian world.


That’s because as highly-decorated, multi-era Veterans and successful, credentialed Project Managers ourselves, we know exactly what you’re capable of, exactly what industry needs you to know, do, and say, which allows us to prepare you to fill meaningful lucrative careers in project management.

We’ve helped countless military Members, Veterans, and Retirees (“Veterans”) do just that, and the number of successes increase daily!  Our Veteran PMs place into meaningful, well-paying project management careers with Fortune 500 companies and nationally recognized non-profits right out of the service, with most starting salaries ranging between $80,000.00 USD to $95,000.00 USD!

Take Action

We need two things to make our mission a success:


Donations will support the prep bootcamp that Veterans will need to qualify for many positions in Corporate America. The most popular one we recommend is through the Project Management Institute.


Employers can register here as well when there are job openings. Certain parameters can be met that will support a tax deduction for hiring recently discharged veterans as well as disabled veterans.


We are the Heart of a Fighter “FLEET” ready for deployment at a moments notice supporting projects all around the world. Our fleet is comprised of men and women from all branches of the service, we are a diverse group with many talents to share with civilian employment opportunities.